Become Fearless, Free, and Fully Feminine

With Athena's Wisdom Embodiment Workshop

November 17, 2021 at 12:30- 13:30 CEST| Live on ZOOM


Why Attend?

Women in today’s workplace are confronted with pressures like no generation before. Between striving to advance in our careers, discovering our own passions outside of others’ expectations, and navigating the challenges for women in the workplace, it’s obvious that we need help to reach our full potential. It’s time to invest in yourself by attending our Discovery Session.

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll in our free Discovery Session:

  • Tools to manage and release stress
  • A renewed sense of clarity
  • Awakening and awareness of your purpose and mission
  • Finally sleep through the night through discovering deep relaxation
  • An overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction
  • New insights and epiphanies - often mystical in nature
  • Ability to manifest positive outcome into your life

We're giving 20 slots to our transformational course

Is this program for me?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you really could benefit from our Discovery Call. It depends on how tired you are of the status quo in your life.

  • Are you finding it hard to change careers?
  • Are you missing the long desired promotion?
  • Are you struggling with low self confidence?
  • Do you find it difficult to have work-life balance?
  • Are you finding it difficult to find a job that suits you?
  • Are you struggling with financial stability?
  • Do you find yourself prioritizing your work over your well-being and health?
  • Are you ready to break out of the barriers and experience something new?

It’s not too late to dream again and achieve the potential you used to believe in.

Don't wait another day to rediscover your purpose.

This discovery session is designed to jumpstart your awakening to your higher purpose and mission.


Meet Simone.

Simone Junod was born and grew up in the French part of Switzerland, in Jura, with eight siblings.

Along her career path as Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director, she kept training herself, also in areas outside her professional path. Understanding where we come from, what we are here for as human beings have always been her passion.

Continuous learning, transferring over knowledge and coaching people to deploy their highest potential or to rediscover complete well-being are part of the vision that has materialized with the creation of Athena Wisdom Institute AG.

She is a certified business and management coach & counselor (CAS/ECA) and wisdom teacher.

simone junod


This free discovery session will serve as your introduction to our Fearless, Free, and Feminine Leadership Program. This isn’t just a lecture series - you’ll participate in rituals and guided meditation, and will walk away with effective business frameworks. Theis discovery session is designed to set you on a path of guidance, self-awareness, emotional and physical resilience, renewed stamina, and courage to begin a new journey.


We invite women who are ready to maximize their inner potential and discover and operate by their inner strengths. If you’re ready to go on a quest to discover your life’s purpose and release a guiding vision for a fulfilled life, our courses are for you.

See what others are saying

"The Athena FFF Leadership program provided me with new ways to approach life, to face difficulties and size opportunities. It guided me through a deeper and insightful knowledge of myself and of the world around myself. This led me to discover new sources of energy, wisdom and decision intelligence."

- Marianna

"The Athena FFF Leadership program led me to consider the notion that the patterns that had held me back in some non-work areas of my life have also held me back in my professional life."

- Karolina

"The Athena FFF Leadership program provided inspiration, clarity, empowerment and tools to feed  all of them. Led me to wake up awareness, inner peace and connect with with a different "me".

- Nuria


How much does it cost to attend?

Signing up to these discovery session is completely FREE. This is only an introductory program to our Fearless, Free, Feminine online course.

What is Fearless, Free, Feminine (FFF)?

FFF is Athena Wisdom Institute's best selling online program. In FFF, over a period of five months, you will go on a discovery journey about yourself, your roots, your challenges, your uncovered potentials, and your life purpose. With a well-balanced blend of body movements, breathing techniques, rituals, guided meditations, storytelling, and reflection processes, you will experience through your body, understand with your mind and reignite your inborn inner wisdom.

What is Athena Wisdom Institute?

Athena Wisdom Institute is a training and well-being Institute based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our programs for personal development and competency building aim at developing conscious leaders and change agents for a more sustainable future. Our programs are based on scientific knowledge as well as ancient knowledge from traditional wisdom keepers. 

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